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The expert book ghostwriting services provided by Harper Ghostwriters have garnered numerous accolades from prominent media publications such as The New York Times. Thanks to the work of our ghostwriters, several of our clients have achieved literary stardom.

“The Harper Ghostwriters team did a very creative and smart job, which made my ramblings make sense! I enjoyed the additional touches and how my characters were brought to life. The reliable team provided prompt responses and patiently accommodated all last-minute adjustments. Thank you for your assistance. I appreciate it. 100% recommended.”

Charles Mitchell

#1 New York times-bestselling author Over 1 million copies sold!

“Thanks to the ghostwriter I employed, I am writing this review, which I hardly ever do. The entire procedure, from writer selection to final book submission, went smoothly. I appreciated how he remained interested and concerned about my experience. Thank you for adding an interpersonal element to the plot. All inquiries are promptly answered. I am pleased with the quality of much. Great job.”

Adaline Barrett

#1 New York times-bestselling author Over 1 million copies sold!

“If you need a ghostwriter for a book, this is the location to look! I hired a book ghostwriter expecting a lengthy procedure, but to my amazement, they completed my book in no time. Great work has been done! It felt like the author had read my thinking. Wonderful. They also helped me create my website. Highly recommend!”

Trevor Gibson

#1 New York times-bestselling author Over 1 million copies sold!

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Best Ghostwriting Services Company in the USA

Best Ghostwriting Services Company in the USA Stop worrying about your project and start enjoying it again by hiring a ghostwriter through our platform. All of the storylines are brought to life by Harper Ghostwriters’ ghost writers for hire and their extraordinary book-writing skills. Our experienced writers can handle any type of story, whether it's a historical account, a magical kingdom tale, or a rags-to-riches tale.

Do you run your own business? Have you ever achieved something remarkable against overwhelming obstacles? At Harper Ghostwriters, get your tale out there by hiring a ghostwriter today! Your narrative will be given a voice that is inspired by us. At every stage, we make sure to take your suggestions into account. We guarantee that bibliophiles will be captivated by our best book ghostwriter's manuscripts and eagerly anticipate your future works.

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Top book ghostwriters and proofreaders are just the beginning of what we have to offer. We also do:

Book Promotion & Marketing

There are two parts to any effective marketing plan, and they are marketing and promotion. Getting your book published requires careful planning of the branding and marketing of your work. To promote your book, our team collaborates to ensure that it reaches readers all over the globe. Through a wide range of tactics and channels of communication, our digital marketing experts will raise book awareness among the general public.

Amazon Publishing

We can connect you with millions of global readers through Amazon's publication services. Your copies will be published on Amazon by our service providers, and you will have the opportunity to win royalties. In most cases, your book can be published promptly and distributed worldwide to a large audience.

Book Editing

Our team of professional ghostwriting services and book ghostwriters can help you proofread your manuscripts with ease. Thanks to their meticulous editing skills, we guarantee that every piece of content we provide is free of typos and other errors. Give us the chance to improve your paper by having our expert editors study it thoroughly.

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Book Cover Design

Real-world people do and will evaluate books based on their covers. An enticing cover is sure to catch the eye of any patron. So, you've written a fantastic novel. However, its quality as a book will remain unknown if it remains hidden among a sea of similar titles. An entire book can be condensed into a single page of art that encapsulates its entire concept by utilizing our skillful team of designers. An impression lasts only as long as the last. Your book's cover art is the first impression it makes on potential buyers.

Hip-Hop Writing

We offer lyric writing services for rap and hip-hop. Our professional hip-hop writers are ready and waiting to pen your tracks. Our expert hip-hop ghostwriters have a firm grasp on the expressive potential of lyrics and put in long hours honing their creative faculties to produce outstanding lyrics.

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Book Fiction Writing

Writing fiction requires a vivid imagination. Our fiction book authors will take it from there; all we need is a storyline and some characters. Like our clients, our authors can't wait to get their hands on those fantastic fiction books. It provides them with an open slate to work with. Our professional fiction ghostwriters are masters of detail and will go above and beyond the client's expectations regarding description and worldbuilding.

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Research & Draft

Our writers conduct comprehensive research and outline your book after order confirmation.


Chapter One

After receiving your approval, our writers will write your book's first chapter. Afterward, you will receive the first chapter again for your review.


Editing & Proofreading

Our editors analyze, proofread, and fix the book several times after writing.


Designing and typesetting

We format the book, add fonts and graphics, and create the front and back covers.


Publishing & Promotion

You choose the format, and we market and promote your book.

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A Story in Mind? Help needed?

We can help you find your voice if that's the case. Allow us to put your ideas into words and weave them into a compelling book that will hold the attention of your readers right up to the end. If you want your biography to sound like a heroic narrative, our skilled writers can help you with that. Our specialists are here to help you every step of the way, and they offer free consultations.

  • Well-planned and guided
  • Inclusive editing, reviewing, and research
  • Making a thorough outline
  • In-depth process talks
  • Final product/service perfected

Our Ghost Writers: Why?

Expert book authors

Our best book ghostwriters deliver creative, exceptional stories.


Our experts are ready 24/7 to answer your questions and communicate quickly.

Unlimited revisions

Our authors listen to your suggestions and revise till you're satisfied. Unlimited revisions are a feature that is not often found in ghostwriting services.

100% quality guarantee

All work is examined and verified by the quality assurance manager before delivery. Quality is always our first priority.

What Do You Expect When You Write Your Own Book?

A novel typically requires around 475 hours of writing time. Book writing isn't easy. It could take a seasoned professional a very long time to complete a book. You may not be aware of this, but famous authors often employ the services of a ghostwriter to help them meet their publishing deadlines and satisfy reader demands. To this day, you might never find out which passages in your beloved novels were actually written by someone other than the author. In order to make it appear as though the book was written by someone else, a ghostwriter is an expert in emulating the author's style, vocabulary, and speed. A professional writer may not always need the assistance of a ghostwriter, but even a well-known expert could benefit from their services.

Uncertainty over what to write is the first hurdle that writers must overcome. Certainly, you might be able to mentally plan out the entire book. The challenge, however, lies in actually articulating those ideas. From personal experience, we can say that the vast majority of authors quit before they ever consider the possibility of their idea becoming a published novel. If you're considering ending it all, we recommend consulting a writer or author—even if they're merely a ghost—for some advice. After submitting their first manuscript, no writer ever achieved widespread renown. Write, rewrite, and then write some more until the finest version of the book appears. Don't be frightened to do it.

The challenge comes when you are faced with the daunting task of focusing on a blank screen while also battling writer's block and finding it difficult to put words on paper. The initial manuscript, chapter, or paragraph of each chapter can seem like a mountain to climb for new authors. Prior to beginning the assignment, you must achieve the appropriate state of mind.

When people finish writing, they often mistakenly believe that they have written a book. The harsh truth hits them quickly. How do you take that piece of writing and turn it into a book that people can buy or download for a price? The process of having one's debut novel published is particularly difficult for new writers. You could be tempted to save money by doing the publishing process yourself, but it's not worth the hassle and expense. Hiring a professional service, such as a writing Company, would be a wise choice. When you work with us, publishing will be a breeze.

Writing books is a business, as discouraging as it may sound. And in business, it's game over if nobody's checking your books. The first step in getting people to really love your product is getting them to pay attention to what you're selling. To make your book stand out when it appears in an online bookstore's latest posts, you need to create the cover, inside pages, formatting, marketing, etc.

Professional Book Ghostwriter Qualities

  • In the book industry, in particular, hiring a ghostwriter is a sensitive process. Discussing timing throughout the hiring process is important because it is a sensitive issue. As opposed to someone who isn't a ghostwriter, a competent one can write a book in half the time. How much time and effort the client needs to invest in working with each writer will vary. Once they've collected your information, a ghostwriter may vanish without a trace, leaving you with only the odd email to keep in touch. Do not let this put you off thinking they are not a talented writer. Ghostwriters are a great investment if you have a busy schedule due to owning a business, being a single parent balancing work and children, or any other reason you need more time or desire to devote to reviewing and editing.
  • If, on the other hand, you wish to exert greater influence over your book, you should set aside some time and express your views when appropriate. Before hiring a ghostwriter, you should clarify a few things. The writer must have a thorough grasp of your specifications prior to you entering into a contract with them.
  • On freelancer websites, you can locate a lot of excellent ghostwriters, but you have yet to guarantee that they will complete your assignment to your satisfaction. Finding ghostwriters with dedicated websites or who are linked with an established organization is ideal because it ensures that their work will be of high quality and legitimate.
  • You can tell whether a ghostwriter is up to the task when they have written books in the same genre as yours; this will give them an advantage while researching the niche and guidelines for your book. Knowing that the ghostwriter has signed non-disclosure agreements for each of their publications makes it difficult to convey this. Getting a ghostwriter to draft an outline is a great approach to gauge their degree of expertise. At first glance, one can tell how skilled and experienced the writer is.
  • There is no better way to simplify your life than by hiring a ghostwriter. Nevertheless, it might not be very pleasant to choose a writer who doesn't mesh well with your personality and requirements. It is important that the outcomes justify the investment in employment. That's why we let you customize your plan based on the functions you require. You can get a free consultation and quote by contacting us right now.

Trouble Writing a Book Yourself?
Why not hire an expert? Contact us for info.

Do I Need a Ghost Writer? Why?

Hiring a book writer for a book is sometimes disapproved in the writing industry. However, you may require the assistance of a writer to pen your book, just like you would not construct your own dwelling. Writing a book presents an equal or even greater task. A sensible and practical person would not allow their physical limitations to prevent them from fulfilling their lifelong dream of becoming a writer, especially because they could just hire a ghostwriter to do the heavy lifting for them.

The most basic justification for hiring a ghostwriter is a lack of time to write the book oneself. There will be times when the author needs time to tend to other parts of their life, such as managing a business, spending time with their spouse and children, attending book signings, interviews, etc. On other occasions, the writer may wish to include a different piece in their portfolio. You can save much time and effort that might be better spent elsewhere if you hire a ghostwriter to write your book.

They say it's better to have two brains than one, and it's true. The second most important reason is to use a professional writer's imagination and knowledge. The ideas remain yours, and you are still the author of your book, but you need the expertise of a writer to translate them into words and organize them together in the shape of a book. Admitting you need assistance is not a sign of weakness. Poets are born, not made. Competent writers require hard work, imagination, dedication, patience, a large vocabulary, and a lifetime of reading. If you can hire a ghostwriter to do it for you, there's no need to spend years learning all that.

Those are only two of many possible scenarios in which you can benefit from having some outside assistance while penning your book. By hiring a book ghostwriter, you can get someone with more experience to check over your book, offer new ideas based on their years of expertise, and learn something new while you work on your literary project.

Legally and ethically, you can hire a ghostwriter to write your book for you. Hiring a ghost isn't actually illegal, but the concept is so stigmatized that it nearly feels that way.

The Process of Hiring a Ghostwriter!

Similar to a ghost, a ghostwriter is an unseen force throughout your writing session. The ghost quickly completes an impossible mission while hiding in the shadows and taking control of the book. While writing might not be an insurmountable endeavor, there is a certain quality to ghostwritten work that makes it tough for someone with only one, two, or perhaps no writing experience to match.

No sleep or repose is necessary for a ghost. Analogously, a ghostwriter can produce well over two thousand words daily, giving the impression that they write nonstop for hours on end. Although they actually put in several hours a day at work, they are well-suited to tackle the challenge because they have vast expertise working on projects comparable to this one.

Merely, you have the ability to see ghosts; others cannot see them or believe in them. Similarly, you will only be able to find out if you specifically want them to. Perfectly captured is their client's voice by the ghost. Furthermore, as the customer remains the book's author, they always have the last word in what needs to be written and how to finish it.

Even a sloppy note about the idea for a book can be brought to us. We want to hear everything you have to say about your book. Therefore, we will spend hours listening to you in voice or video conferences. If voice calls are too intimidating for you, you can still interact with us via email. Utilizing each other's advantages, our authors will examine, investigate, and discuss your concepts. After creating an outline using this data, it is forwarded to you for approval.

We realize that if this isn't the book you were hoping to write, it doesn't matter how good it is; it serves no purpose for you. In the first place, we would like to work differently. It's uncommon for ghostwriters to own intellectual property. But, based on our years of practical experience, we do make comments and suggestions. In the realm of ghostwriting, however, clients still hold the final say in matters of preference.

We pick one of our outstanding writers from that particular category to work on your project once you approve the outline unless you specify that another writer should be chosen. Each time a chapter is sent to you for approval, the writer will pause to allow for last-minute modifications that won't impact the entire project.

The state of your project shifts to editing once every chapter has been written. Should you also need proofreading and formatting to meet publication requirements, we utilize a variety of editing processes to change the text into a finished book.

Throughout the book-writing process, you can rely on us to manage every part of the project or just one particular duty. Elegant typefaces and formatting will be used in the internal page design. The cover art and other components will be handled by us as well. Since all of the work is being done in one location, you can be confident that the formatting, book writing, and cover design will all work well together.

Every now and then, we may have clients who want to promote their books online. Next, we create websites, assist in adding blogs, and provide online publicity and social media marketing services for those authors.

The ghostwriting industry could be an excellent resource for a novice writer. It might be a good idea for a newcomer to ask for assistance at every turn. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us via phone or email for counsel. Helping new writers along their writing path is something we are always delighted to do.

Frequently Asked Questions and Their Answers

Expert book ghostwriters help people write their books for money through a service called "ghostwriting." Ghostwriters don't usually claim their work as their own. The book is usually released with the client's name as the author because of this. However, the word "ghostwriting" isn't just used for books. Ghostwriters are available to help with writing for movies, songs, speeches, and almost any other type of writing.

It's really easy to hire a ghostwriter through our ghostwriting company. Leave your name, phone number, and order information so that one of our friendly project managers can get back to you as soon as possible. They will ask about your book and you and them will decide together how much the job will cost. What you pay for and how you pay are up to you. Once we agree on a price, we hire the best writer for your book based on the needs of the project. Now you can rest and have peace of mind, knowing that your book is in good hands.

When you hire a screenwriter, the price depends on the type of order, the number of words, any extra services you need, the due date, and other factors related to the order. You can talk to one of our coordinators to get a quick quote on your job. You can get free and quick help from us through live chat, voice calls, and emails.

Usually, it takes six months to finish a book. The actual time may take longer or shorter based on the type of order, the amount of research that needs to be done, and other factors. The author, where you hire them, the services you hire them for, and their skill level are also things that matter.

A ghostwriter may or may not get credit, depending on what the author and ghostwriter agree to. The writer at ghostwriting company is required by law to keep the work secret. Our ghostwriting company promise not to want any credit for your book.

When they work as ghostwriters, most of them don't ask for a cut of their earnings. They are hired and paid a set amount of money. There may be some cases, mostly with well-known book series or books by best-selling authors.

We value our clients' privacy and know the risks that come with work that hasn't been released yet. We do everything possible to keep all information you give us private. You can because the author you hire must follow the non-disclosure and privacy rules in their contract.

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Essential Book Writing Materials!

We provide a wide variety of services, one of them is the provision of a ghostwriter. From editing and formatting to cover design, publishing, and marketing your books to the reader market, our ghostwriters for hire have you covered from start to finish.